Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Puppies and Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

Isabella loves her friends.   This was her face when I brought A down from his nap yesterday morning (Isabella had already been napping when he arrived).

He loves her right back and had the same dopey grin on his face too.  Their love for one another knows now bounds.  Interestingly Isabella expresses her love by turning into a zombie.  A zombie in that she attempts to give anyone she loves "kisses" which better resembles a zombie trying to eat brains.  She also grabs onto the things she loves with all her might.  This includes A.   He is a sensitive little boy and for the most part is not fond of being grabbed by the head or the back of the shirt (go figure).

We are working hard on using "gentle" touches and when gentle doesn't work we separate.  The tricky part is that A mimics everything that Isabella does so now I am trying to teach both of them what gentle means.  Also Isabella is a speed race crawler and I can stick her on the other side of the room and if she wants to, she can be back to him in no time flat.  

After the initial excitement of being together they do improve.  They then begin to resemble a litter of puppies in that they play right on top of each other:).

Speaking of puppies, one of our puppies is having a hard time handling the "new" addition.  Isabella has been here for almost 10 months, but since becoming mobile over the last 2 our older dog, Kayleigh, is becoming less and less of a fan.  Over the last few weeks she has begun growling if Isabella gets too close and Sunday she snapped at her when she crawled between Kayleigh and J.T.:(. 

Both dogs have been around kids their whole lives, but I think the two main differences now is that: 1)  This is the first kid who takes more of our attention than she does.
2)  This one doesn't ever leave!  

We are currently in the process of finding a trainer to come to the house.  We have spoken to two that both seem to think it is a manageable issue.  Kayleigh's behavior is absolutely NOT acceptable, but I do feel bad that her world has been rocked to the point where she feels like this is the ways she has to respond.  Time to teach this old girl some new tricks!

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