Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall Fun

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I have lived in the south almost half my life and use the word y'all on a regular basis, but can't stand the flags and whatnot that say "Happy Fall Y'all".  Just a random thought to begin this fall post.

Nothing new on the adoption front.  We updated a few of our pictures and some parts of the verbiage on our website.  We also plan on updating our video (tentatively scheduled for next weekend).  Otherwise, until we are ready to add another agency, reach out to an adoption attorney,etc. (or dare I say it are actually matched) we just continue to wait .

We have been doing a good job of keeping ourselves busy while we wait this fall.  Last month we visited my in-laws and took a ghost tour through a beautiful and historic town nearby (if you look close enough you can see the "orbs" in the third photo).

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We also saw an artist who got his start on youtube.  Though I struggle with the thought that viral videos are a means of launching true talent, event I had to admit this guy was good.

We went to the mountains two weekends ago for Oktoberfest and despite rain from beginning to end had a very good time.  Last weekend I had a girls' day with a dear friend that I have not seen much of lately and it was nice to catch up and really talk.

This past week I went with our fifth graders on a three day field study to Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown and then crashed on the couch yesterday for a Halloween Movie Marathon with JT and the puppies (I liked The Omen...Hellraiser was ok...not a fan of Wes Craven's New Nightmare... napped through the others...).

My parents are stopping for a birthday visit on their way back from a trip to Mississippi and I am looking forward to us visiting Campground Nightmare next weekend for Halloween.

So despite my daily internal battle to remain patient waiting for our turn to become parents, we are definitely having fun in the meantime.  The quote below has also helped me stay grounded:

Monday, October 19, 2015

Our Fight Song

I have been a fan of Rachel Platten's Fight Song since I first heard it this summer.  Given the fact I spent the summer fighting so many emotions I could certainly relate to the theme and heart behind the song, but the lyrics weren't quite right.

We watched a movie last weekend that had a song on its soundtrack that was nearly a perfect gift.  I actually meant to type the word "fit" at the end of the last sentence, but this song has been a kind of gift so I will leave it as is.