Sunday, August 27, 2017

Saturday School

Classes started this past week.  I am taking four which is more than the suggested three recommended for full time students, but I don't really have a choice.  There are two core classes that are only offered in the spring PLUS they only offer the comprehensive exam (comps) required to begin your dissertation in the spring.  These two pieces mean that following their recommendation the fastest you can finish the program is 4 years BUT there is a big lag in the middle, so I'm going at an accelerated rate so we will see how that goes.

In addition to one online class and two traditional classes that meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings, I am also taking a Saturday class that meets once a month for 8 hours.  I did this last fall too and it was too much with working outside of the home was like a 6 day work week.  Hoping this fall is not quite as much.  Unfortunately it is with a professor that I don't love, but whatcha gonna do?

Actually this prof earned some brownie points with all of us because after going over the syllabus, she let us leave!  This is a woman who routinely kept us until 4:00 even when she told us she would let us leave early last fall.  J.T. was at home with Isabella so I took a little advantage of this newly found "free time" to work outside on my assignments and treat myself to lunch.  I still got home early, but just not quite as early as I could have:).  It allowed for some daddy-daughter bonding time!

I did miss Isabella though and looked at her pics and videos a couple time for study breaks.  God bless technology, what did we ever do without it!

Friday, August 25, 2017

On a Roll

Isabella has been turning onto her side for a while now so rolling was bound to happen any day and....I missed it!  She was on her back on the activity mat, I left the room and when I came back she was on her tummy.  While I'm excited for this little trick it has caused some anxiety in the-you guessed it-sleep department. 

Turns out our girl is a tummy sleeper and when we lay her on her back in her crib she rolls on to her tummy, curls her hands and legs under her (butt in the air) and passes out.  This wouldn't be a problem EXCEPT she spent the first few days sleeping with her face IN the mattress (insert smack my head emoticon). 

After a few sleepless nights watching her in the monitor.  Discussions and google searches with moms who said their kid did it and survived AND a near miss of spending $200 on a breathable baby mattress.  We are out of the woods and she now puts her head sideways to sleep.  Phew!

She has slowly become a little rolling machine. This baby is on the move! In both pictures I had set her on her back on the activity mat head at top, feet toward the aqua piano on the bottom. The first pic is clearly a roll over. Pic 2...multiple rolls? Roll plus army crawl? Roll plus the puppies pushing her (ha, ha)?

Couldn't Make it Work

Well poor little H didn't work out:(.  Little boy could NOT learn to take a nap.  Over the course of two weeks he would only really sleep if held or in the stroller.  If I laid him down for a nap he would cry for the full 30 minutes I let him go.  Listening to your own kid cry is bad enough.  Having another kid cry for that length of time is such an added burden.  I tried darkening the room, lightening the room, sleeping away from everyone, sleeping near everyone, various sources/kinds of white noise,  lovey, paci, modified the timing, CIO, timed checks, and the list goes on.  NOTHING worked!

Also, while his parents repeatedly told me his lack of napping wasn't impacting his night time sleep or his disposition in the evenings at home, he was so fussy/whiny at my house by like lunch time.   In my defense, he got home in the evening around 5 napped/ate and went to bed around 6:30 soooo their time with him in the evening was limited. 

The lack of sleep was not good for him and it was not good for our little tribe, so today was his last day.  His parents had two weeks to find care, but they were able to find an alternative quickly so we all decided that sooner was better than later.  We parted on good terms and I hope his next sitter finds the magic formula for getting this sweet boy the rest he needs.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


The good news?  Isabella is on her way to only wake up twice to eat.  The bad news?  We had to use CIO along with all of the other pieces we had in place to make that happen.

CIO actually started by accident.  J.T. does bedtime and the first wake up or two on Saturday nights so I can get some extra sleep.  Well last Saturday he wasn't feeling the best and had to use the bathroom and had to leave her in her crib crying (I wear headphones with music playing in order to not wake up on these nights).  After 15 minutes she conked out.  We successfully replicated this at bedtime over this past week with some to minimal crying (no longer than 10/15 minutes). 

Middle of the night wake ups were a bit more inconsistent,  but again the crying ends up being not much more than on and of fussy crying (no real heart wrenching sobs) and usually cut off in less than 20 minutes.

Still haven't had more than 4-6 solid hours of sleep since April 11, BUT we are getting there!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

4 Months

Isabella's doctor always said parents can't be to blame for the symptoms of colic.  She said by that same logic parents can also not be credited for the sunshine that follows.  Dang, I would love to take credit for the sweet and sunny disposition our baby girl has grown into over the last month.  She is all smiles, laughter and babbles.  She does well when we go out.  She likes watching the other babies who come to our house.  While the sun shines, so does she.  Nighttime continues to be its own struggle, but even at night if you hold her she doesn't really get upset.

Today we tried oatmeal.  She was funny to watch, but seemed to take to it as well as any first time eater does I suppose (wearing more of it than she likely consumed!).

Love this sweet girl!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Like a Moth to a Flame

I seem to attract babies who have trouble sleeping.  My second kiddo started this Wednesday and like A, H sleeps through the night but is a crummy napper.  After talking with his mom more in depth at pick up it turns out in his nearly 9 months of life he has...

Slept almost exclusively in his own bed.

The two times he slept in a pack and play it was in a hotel room with his parents.

Been rocked to sleep for every nap and bedtime by his parents or grandmother (who watched him when his mom finished last school year after maternity leave).

While I take no issue with any of the above under regular circumstances, if you know your child will be going to "daycare" where there are already two other smaller babies why wouldn't you have at least made an attempt to get him ready.  I don't know.  Maybe my expectations are too high since I am the one now responsible for teaching this kiddo how to go to sleep on his own.  We just finished day three and the only times he has slept is when I am holding him or we are walking in the stroller.  This is not sustainable!  Poor little boy starts out the day as a sweetie, but is a beast by the end of it because he is worn out. 

Unfortunately there are no silver bullet changes for H as there were for A (who is still a cat napper, but those cat naps help him remain pleasant throughout the day).  Good thing I have read all those sleep books.  Hopefully next week I find the secret sleep recipe for this little boy.

While I would not change being able to stay at home with Isabella, providing childcare for babies may not be my current calling...

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Baby Sleep Expert...

not so much. 

Though considering how much research I have done on the topic over the last few weeks you would think I should be!  Between A struggling to sleep during the day (though things have gotten better this week) and Isabella struggling to sleep at night I feel like my life is all consumed by babies who should be sleeping but aren't!  Sleep is so GOOD...I miss do I convince these babies of its glory?!?!

Starting with daytime sleeping, Isabella continues to be a good little napper.  Even though she did have to put herself to sleep a few times (in her infant seat, swaddled, and with white noise) while she watches mommy rocking her new friend.  On the one hand I don't love it because I don't want her to get the short end of the stick, but I don't hate it because as long as she can see me she doesn't get upset and it actually helps me to do the putting her down drowsy but awake the way the books suggest.  Isabella is a good napper.  Usually taking 3-4 naps a day for at least an hour....sometimes 3.  A has done better with his dad bringing him later, though he is clearly a cat napper.  We have gotten a few naps longer than an hour but not many.

Ironically, A's parents shared that he is pretty much sleeping through the night.  Whereas Isabella wakes up any where from every 1-3 hours.  Why must I get the short end of both sticks:(.

I have no read every renown sleep book from the gentle no-cry method to the love it or hate it Cry It Out.  I have tracked data and may or not have even developed an excel spreadsheet looking for answers.

We have now put EVERY no cry suggestion into place without success.  I'm not opposed to CIO though I really wish something else would take.  We also don't want to use CIO until the earliest widely suggested 4 month mark.  It's bad that I am counting down the days until August 13 isn't it:(?

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Worst Idea Ever?

My home child care service officially started on Monday.  My wording is deliberate as I am skirting the whole daycare licensing thing since I am right on the line of what the state limit is for licensing and it requires a LOT of stuff.  Sooo, I am currently running a home child care service which may have turned out to be a BAD idea.

When you have one baby in your house already struggling to sleep, you know what you should not do?  You should not add a second who also struggles to sleep!

Poor A is only 2 months old and started on Monday.   Poor buddy hasn't even had a chance to get his life at home with his mommy and daddy figured out and here he is plopped in a stranger's home.  Maternity leave in this country SUCKS!

He is a cutie, but has cried a LOT and hasn't slept very much considering how little he is.  He definitely sleeps better in the swing than on a flat surface (he is a tummy sleeper and I am not comfort able with that at this age).  Also his mom has been waking him up to bring him in the mornings, so starting Monday his dad is going to bring him when he wakes up naturally (dad works from home).  Fingers crossed those things help, otherwise this might not work out...