Monday, January 29, 2018

6 Month Anniversary

Of what you may ask...well it has been 6 months since I have started my little child care endeavor.  An endeavor that both my mother and my husband were not 100% sure would be a success.  If I'm being honest I was kind of touch and go there at the beginning myself!

I have retained 2 of the initial 4 families I started with.  Poor H had to find somewhere else that he could find a way to sleep (I am assuming he did or maybe they ended up doing a nanny-I would love to know).  Then this past Friday was the last day (for this school year anyway) for the K & K siblings.  Poor baby K could not handle all the transitions that having three different sitters brings (who can blame him?!) and none of us could take him full time, so his mom had to find another sitter who could watch him five days a week.  The good news is that she will be watching him for three days in his own house and the other two at hers.  I think that is just what this little boy needs. 

His mom is still interested in having me watch them again next school year (she's a teacher) this time full time, but I'm going to have to see how this dissertations "stuff" goes over the next month or so before committing to two full time kids.  Also I am noticing Fridays creeping into the 18 month old's schedule more often so really it would be almost three kids full time which technically pulls the trigger for licensing...hmm, I'm thinking no...

Anyway 6 months in and we have as much of a groove as you are going to get with tiny creatures who have wants and needs that change as often as the wind blows.  And you know what?   Even if it WAS a disaster I am still getting a front row seat to the Isabella show each and every day.  It was well worth the 6 year wait!

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