Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Leap 7 & 9 Month Check Up

Still a big fan of the Isabella show, BUT these leaps can take a flying one!

For real, these developmental leaps are awesome.  It is amazing how this little girl grows with each one.  However, the initial stage of moodiness, clinginess, and weird sleep stuff (though not full on regression) is for the birds.   Girlfriend goes from laughing to crying within seconds.  I haven't taken any crying pictures, but here are some silly ones:

It appears this leap started on Sunday and the clinginess this go round is off the charts.  Similar to leap 6, Isabella gets upset if I leave the room (even if she can see me or hear me).  When I am in the room she is only happy if she has my complete and undivided attention.  When it is time for me to go to class-WATCH OUT!  It is meltdown city the size of which we had not seen before.  Oh, and for an added bonus our younger dog Aiden is the king of empathy and cries right along with her:(.   Tuesday she cried the whole time my friend Stacy and her daughterd watcher her. 

Last night was the first night sweet neighbor was watching her.  Brittany teaches first grade and even though I offered to pay her, she said she would be happy to do it free of charge.  Bless her; however, after last night I wonder if she regrets her spirit of volunteerism.  As soon as Brittany walked in the room Isabella started wailing.  I intentionally had her in the high chair eating Cheerios to try to mitigate and avoid a heart breaking "cling"on removal session.  Brittany put her in her coat and stroller and they went for a walk.  I texted to check on them and she said Isabella stopped crying at the end of the driveway and even smiled a few times.  However, J.T. said when he got her Brittany had to bounce her around to keep her calm when they got home.   Today I went out to lunch with a friend and her kids.  I attempted to leave the table to go to the restroom and baby girl almost blew out a lung the minute I was out of sight.  Had to take her with me!

Tonight is one last sitter for the week.  Next week I don't have to go to class on Wednesday so that may help some.  Even better, maybe we will be past this nonsense and my feisty, spirited INDEPENDENT little girl will return.

We went out to lunch after baby girl's appointment.  All is well.  Apparently I have to learn to live with the 4:45 am wake up calls until she adjusts herself which sucks, but she is healthy so that is all that matters.  She has three top teeth about to make a debut and the doctor gave some suggestions for finger foods a two-toothed child can eat in the meantime.  Her eyes continue to have difficulty draining which means they are often goopy and crusty.  I found some saline wipes that seem to be working better than other cloths we have used  and the doctor said 99% of babies have this clear up on their own.  Here's to hoping baby girl saves being a part of the 1% for something special and not for eye duct surgery!

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