Sunday, June 8, 2014

Where to Start?!?

Step 1:  Read a book (or one weeked) to get the big picture
Step 2:  Make some critical decisions

  • international versus domestic
  • private versus public 
  • Agency versus attorney
  • newborn versus older baby or child
We landed on domestic, private, newborn adoption through an agency before the weekend was out!

Step 3:  Which agency to choose?  Geography is not a determining factor when selecting an agency.  After researching one local, two regional and one national agency, we felt the national agency would best meet our needs.  We would never be able to sit across the table from them (they are in California), but their connections to nearly all 50 states would best help us find our little girl or boy.

Step 4:  "Introduce Ourselves"  through a profile book, website and video while at the same time completing our home study which legally qualifies us to become an adoptive family.

It's nice having something to do:).