Friday, September 29, 2017

Our Tiny Extrovert

In addition to being our vegetable lover, it also appears Isabella is going to be the family extrovert.  JT solidly lives in camp introvert.  I hover in the middle and with age am swinging more toward team introvert.  But not Isabella.  No sir she LOVES people.  She loves when we go out to the store or restaurant and watch people.  She loves playing with mommy and daddy.  She especially loves when she comes down from a nap and there are kids in the living room.  She gets the biggest grin on her face.  She especially likes it when I put her in a jumper or something facing A.  They will "talk" to each other.  It is absolutely adorable!  One time though she laid a pterodactyl scream on him...he cried but recovered quickly:).

Friday, September 22, 2017

Baby Food

We introduced oatmeal way back in mid-August.  She liked it but had a hard time keeping it in her mouth!  With everything else going on frankly I did not have the time to mess with the mess so it's only been within the last week or so we've given it another shot.  While still messy, she has a much better idea as to how to keep a large portion of the food in her mouth so we began the foray into vegetables.  Avocado seemed like a bland enough stating point.  Fortunately a friend had given me an extra emulsifier she had because when I took out our food processor I realized it had bit it.  The emulsifier was awesome!  In less than 30 minutes I had made avocados, sweet potatoes and green beans.  I also used one of those steamable bags of frozen green beans so it made things
way easier.  She likes everything so far.  Maybe she will be our little vegetable lover:).

Friday, September 15, 2017

Formula Change

Now that we are "on the other side" of the whole colic/reflux nightmare we are rethinking the use of the soy formula.  It was not a bad idea when we weren't sure what was going in but research shows a correlation between more soy in the diet and increased estrogen.  Since we didn't have a clear cut dairy allergy we thought we should try to reintroduce dairy before an allergy develops through lack of exposure.  We got the green light from the doctor who didn't really provide much guidance as to how to make the change so I turned to the internet for assistance.  What bubbled to the surface was transitioning to a sensitive formula and doing a mixture of the soy plus the new formula gradually shifting the ration until it was completely new formula.  I jumped the fun a bit at first doing 1/4 new on day one and then moving to 1/2 new on day 2.  That did not go well.  So slowed things down and will make the ratio switch once a week.  This has worked much better and has gone well so far.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Working at Full Steam

I have not actively sought a replacement for H's child care slot (honestly I don't know if I WANT another full time kiddo), but my part timers have now started.  There is B who is 3.  His dad is a teacher and mom is a nurse who works part time overnight at the local children's hospital.  He also attends preschool, so he is only here 1-3 days a week for either 90 minutes (if he has school) or about 4 hours (if he doesn't).  He's a sweet kiddo and likes hanging out with the babies. 

There is also a pair of siblings K & K who are 3 months and 3 years.  They only come on Fridays and K3 will only come a few times a month if at all since dad is a firefighter and can rest while keeping an eye on her at home when he is off.  Another pair of sweeties.

Classes are in full swing too.  So far I am juggling everything pretty well.  It helps that Isabella is only waking up once or twice just long enough to eat so I am getting a decent amount of rest.  We shall see how this continues as the semester becomes more intense.  I think I envisioned more simultaneous naps than we are actually getting.  I swear there are days when I swear Isabella and I must have a secret meeting and work out a schedule to ensure at least one of them is awake during the whole day-silly babies!