Saturday, June 17, 2017

Return to Land of Crickets

You may recall that in September we were given a 9 month freeze from our adoption professional I have nicknamed Land of Crickets Adoption.  Take our 2 year without-a-peep-wait, multiply it by the two other couples we know who are signed up with them who are/were in an identical boat, and add to it the numerous NC couples who just seem to wait (as determined by stalking the company website), they continue to deserve this name.

We were supposed to be ready to roll with the final 6 months of our contract (for which we had to fight!) on June 1, but not surprisingly given how the spring turned out that didn't happen.  I should note that we were not the only ones to have been lagging; however, we had a good excuse.  Their only excuse in incompetence.  Below you will find an email I sent to them summarizing our interactions over the last two weeks and, as you can see by my pointed questions, they are as wonderful as ever (insert eye roll!).

Good afternoon~

My delayed response is the result of having to take time to process our interaction.  Below you will find my understanding of what has transpired over the last week and a half, the answers to the questions you posed over voicemail and a few questions we have:

1.  I updated our website on Monday, May, 29 in an effort to begin to prepare for our re-activitation in June.
2.  I received an email response from K on Tuesday, May 30, letting us know when our hold is officially removed she would review our website.  
3.  I follow up on Friday, June 2 via email having not heard anything from K.
4.  You called me on Monday, June 5 ready to accept our payment of $250 for a termination date that you understood to be June 12.  Can you help us understand why your organization would accept $250 for less than 7 days of reactivation? You noted that you would willing to take our file to the "review board".
5.  I explained that we had received notification from you in the fall that the "review board" had already granted us a 6 month extension to which you seemed to have no knowledge.  We ended the call so you could "look in to it" and I could find the documentation I knew I had.
6.  I forwarded the email that had been sent in October stating the "review board" had granted us an additional 6 months on our contract.
7.  You call back leaving a message stating you had also found this information in our file (Can you help us understand why it hadn't been there when you initially called?) and asking for our daughter's name and DOB.  Her name is Isabella Grace and her DOB is 4/13.
8.  You note that once you have our check for $250 K will be able to continue her work with us.  The check was mailed today.  Can you help us understand why $250 is needed in addition to the kajillion dollars we paid two years ago?
8.  You then send this letter for us to sign and return (which we will do by the end of the week via scanning and email).  Can you help us understand why the letter was not sent in October when the extension was granted?

Thank you in advance for helping us better understand this process.  Given the monetary, time, and emotional investment we have in your organization we are finding it critical to fully understand all of its components.

As per usual her answers were vague and trite, though interestingly she failed to respond to the question in #4.

So we are still working on finishing our updated homestudy, profile, and video.  It will be closer to July 1 that we will be ready to roll.  Which I am sure they will point out when they are unable to match us by the end of November and want to terminate our contract.

So either God has in His plans for us to have Irish twins (or whatever you call siblings even closer or in age) OR in the event they terminate the contract without a match He wants me to help others see these adoption "professionals" for who they truly are.  Stay tuned...I am as interested in finding out how this turns out as anyone!

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