Friday, June 30, 2017

Family Fun

My family takes an annual trip to the beach in June, but this year with the baby they came to visit us instead.  My out of town family rented a house on the lake.  Monday was the only day we were all together as a group and took a boat ride (turns out my husband is an excellent "driver" of boats!) and then played a game back at the lake house.  After that there were schedules to contend with:  my husband and brother's work schedules, my teenage niece and nephew's sleep schedule (noon wake up) and Isabella's nap/bedtime schedule (naps were ok out and about, but had to be home by 8 for bed and frankly she started getting cranky around 6).  So while it was a different type of vacation then we have experienced in the past it was wonderful being able to see my family without leaving town.


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