Wednesday, June 21, 2017

2 Month Appointment

Starting with the positives:

This little girl is sleeping 5/6 hour stretches (followed by a 2/3 hour stretch) most nights of the week-yay!  J.T. will continue to do Saturday nights, but after this week the TA will no longer come to do a weekly overnight (though last night I somehow slept through her 2:30 feeding and woke up at 4:30 with equal parts panic and relief at having gotten 6 solid hours of sleep!).  She is at the 89th percentile for height, 86th for her big ole head and 78th for weight.  She got her 2 month shots (thankfully two were oral, which left "only" one injection per leg).  The doctor declared her strong and overall healthy.

I say overall because we are still dealing with eating aversions most likely due to the reflux not being completely under control.  The pedi is changing her meds to Nexium so hopefully that will lead to long term relief.  She is still eating (though mostly when drowsy) and is gaining weight, but I just can't stand her still being in pain when she eats:(.

We have also entered camp colic.  My child defies logic in that when she sleeps well at night she is more cranky during the day and when she is up more often at night she is more pleasant during the day.  Apparently when you compound this with the fact that she needs white noise and/or paci and swaddling to calm down, she is not able to "self-sooth" when there is no actual issue AND that one of her parents had colic (not it!) this all adds up to a colicky baby.  The good news is that I handle things better when there is a reason for them (even a vague one like colic-though I draw the line at the too vague "unexplained" infertility-but I digress).  The even better news is that she is likely to grow out of it by 4 months so we are in the 6 week home stretch.  The bad news is that I kept telling J.T. it wasn't colic because she doesn't cry in long stretches (rather it's lots of crying over the course of the day), so I was wrong and he was right and I could have had my reason before today...darn Dr. Google!

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